Team FAQs

Q. How do I form a team?
A. If you have not registered yet, you can form a team or join a team online. Search for the name of the team you want to join and select it, or if you are forming a team, you will be asked for a team name. Please note that the first person forming the team is the team captain. If you are already registered and would like to join a team, contact

Q. What are the benefits of a team?
A. Forming or joining a team multiplies the fun you will have on Race Day. You can create a team to celebrate a survivor or honor someone you have lost. You can also create a corporate team and get your entire company involved. To learn more check out the Team Rewards page.

Q. Do teams have to fundraise?
A. Teams are not required to fundraise but we strongly encourage fundraising. Fundraising as a team can be fun. Click here to get a list of fundraising events your team can do.

Q. How do I register if my company is paying my registration fee?
A. Your company must contact us at to set up your team. A special designation will be given to you to provide to registrants. Your company can be set up to pay a dollar amount or a percentage of the fee.

Q. How do I register my team members?
A. Each team member must register themselves. Once you have registered yourself, you cannot go back and register someone else using the same e-mail address.

Q. One of my team members registered as an individual when they meant to join my team. How do they correct this?
A. Please contact to get this corrected.

Q. Can donations made to a team be split or shared among team members?
A. We are unable to split or transfer donations between individual and team accounts.

Q. Will there be an area for my team to meet-up on Race day?
A. Please check back for details.

Q. What is a Team Page?
 A. Your Team page is a Web page that people can visit to find a team member or give a donation that supports the fundraising efforts of the entire team. Although the default Team page contains sample text and photos, your Team Captain can customize this page to make it a creative expression of the Team commitment to Komen and our fight against breast cancer.