First MORE THAN PINK Heroes named

Susan G. Komen names first MORE THAN PINK Survivor Hero!

Last summer, Susan G Komen announced a nationwide BOLD GOAL – to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the US by 2026.

As part of that BOLD GOAL they wanted to recognize and honor all of those MORE THAN PINK Heroes who have helped us get as far as we have.

Our first MORE THAN PINK survivor hero is a three-time breast cancer survivor.  At the first Race she was just recovering from her second breast cancer.  She remembers taking some of friends to the open invitation for volunteers. It was overwhelming. She became friends with the two women working to bring the race to Colorado Springs, Mitzi Fiedler and Carol Kelley.  That first Race she raised $2,100 and thought it must be a record (how little did she know).

We lost Carol to the dreaded disease, while still a young mother of two children. That made our Hero mad.  She started working harder.   In 22 years she has raised over $170,000 to support funding provided by Komen Colorado South in our area and for breast cancer research.

She throws a great first pitch.  She reached out to a wide circle and got many of the doorprizes we have given out today.  And, in case you are wondering, all three of her breast cancers were found on mammograms.

Mary Kai Tuggle